5 Days Roadtrip to Nordic Lapland | Umeå-Kiruna-Bodø-Östersund-Stockholm (2016)

5-Days Roadtrip: Umeå-Kiruna-Bodø-Östersund (2016)

In the arctic region lies a town called Kiruna which is also a part of Swedish Lapland. Kiruna is the hub of iron ore mines which employs hundreds of people in the town. What else could be a motivation for people residing there in temperatures as low as -35°C, 100% humidity and darkness for a half-year than sheer employment in these iron mines. Kiruna is a home to a group of tribal people ‘sami’.

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Europeans remain oblivious to British Raj in India

British Raj

Even after 69 years of India’s independence from British rule, it is impossible to forget the atrocious agony Indians had gone through to snatch this rightful independence. The British ruled on the Indian subcontinent between 1858 and 1947.

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Syrian Warathon- the worldwide bane & Refugees Crisis

The Syrian War: What You’re Not Being Told

I am deeply moved by this video and feel so sad about how world’s major powers are involved in supplying weapons to sustain this endless war. We all as responsible citizens of this planet need to take vigilant actions to create awareness about behind the scenes intention of this war.

Refugee crisis and how to combat it…

The video below explains what the current massive european refugee crisis is all about. This video also breaks down the solutions of this problem into 5 simple steps. It is very important that we spread the word around and put the real culprits of this grave Syrian war to shame.

Jarawas- the disrespected & unsafe tribal ‘Humans’

We have heard as well as been to wildlife safaris in India and abroad. Jim Corbett National Park for tigers, Kanha National Park for tigers, panthers, bears and elephants, Kaziranga National Park for one horned rhinoceros and Gir National Park for lions are famous national parks for wildlife safari.

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