5 Days Roadtrip to Nordic Lapland | Umeå-Kiruna-Bodø-Östersund-Stockholm (2016)

5-Days Roadtrip: Umeå-Kiruna-Bodø-Östersund (2016)

In the arctic region lies a town called Kiruna which is also a part of Swedish Lapland. Kiruna is the hub of iron ore mines which employs hundreds of people in the town. What else could be a motivation for people residing there in temperatures as low as -35°C, 100% humidity and darkness for a half-year than sheer employment in these iron mines. Kiruna is a home to a group of tribal people ‘sami’.

Our much exciting road trip to Kiruna Continue reading “5 Days Roadtrip to Nordic Lapland | Umeå-Kiruna-Bodø-Östersund-Stockholm (2016)”

Paris- the over-hyped city in the world

Eiffel Tower from bottom

Like most growing-up girls, my dream foreign destination was Paris, the city which speaks for love, romance, art and architecture. Ah…Paris, the city of Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty (yes…you read it correct), musee du Louvre, Grevin wax museum, beautiful churches, Disneyland, lovely gardens, long array of cafe, and much more. Every single thing contributing to making Paris everyone’s dream destination. Continue reading “Paris- the over-hyped city in the world”

Jarawas- the disrespected & unsafe tribal ‘Humans’

We have heard as well as been to wildlife safaris in India and abroad. Jim Corbett National Park for tigers, Kanha National Park for tigers, panthers, bears and elephants, Kaziranga National Park for one horned rhinoceros and Gir National Park for lions are famous national parks for wildlife safari.

But have we ever heard of ‘human safari‘? Shocked? So I am. It is horrifying even to imagine Continue reading “Jarawas- the disrespected & unsafe tribal ‘Humans’”

Amazing Amritsar- A True Paradise For Foodies

This wonderful journey began on a cold Thursday night, just 3 days before the new year 2016. My family and I were very excited for this trip together after a long time. We stood ready at Hazrat Nizamuddin railway station with our bags packed full for a 2 days trip to Amritsar. The weather was superbly pleasant, wasn’t too chilly but cold. Our train arrived 30 minutes late and therefore left the station half an hour after its departure time. However, the train could catch up with the lag on its journey through night and we arrived Amritsar, the city of Golden Temple almost on time early in the morning. Continue reading “Amazing Amritsar- A True Paradise For Foodies”


I stepped on the land of Sweden first on 21st December, 2014. It was past 8pm and I was with my husband, his parents and brother in their family car going towards their home from Stockholm to Ludvika. It was stark dark silent night and our car was almost gliding on the road, making close to no noise. Soon I spotted in the shallow brightness of the headlights white snowflakes falling. Ahh! Continue reading “Sweden”