Apple Cake|Apple Pie

Today was my first day of baking at The Workshop Diner and without surprise it turned out to be a really amazing experience. I was very excited for the day post my selection for this role.

It was quite a busy day for Vanessa, the baker and owner of the cafe, because of the unusually high influx of customers today.

me So the kitchen was not ready for baking as lunch was taken care of by her only employee and herself. While I waited for the kitchen to get free I voluntarily helped her with making tea, serving food and dishes. After waiting for one hour the crowd grew thinner and we started wrapping up stuffs to make space for baking an apple cake.

I began by picking up 3 apples from the fruit basket, peeled, cored and finely sliced them. With the help of Vanessa I procured some other stuffs from the kitchen like a mixing bowl, spatulas, wisp, baking soda, refined flour/all-purpose flour, sugar, butter, 3 eggs, cinnamon powder, hazelnuts, baking form and baking paper. Firstly, I took 125 g sugar and 125 g melted butter in a mixing bowl and whipped them until it turned fluffy. Then added 100 g of refined flour, a little at a time, and mixed it well so that no lumps remain. Broke 3 eggs into the mixture and again whipped the whole mixture. Then, added 1 tsp of baking powder and 2/3 of sliced apples into it and whipped again. Shifted the mixture into a baking form, either circular or square, double-lined with the baking paper. Spread a layer of the left over apple slices on the top and sprinkled a large pinch of cinnamon as well as 2 tbsp of sugar on its surface. Roasted 25 g of hazelnuts in a pan and then roughly chopped them for the topping. Now, my apple cake was ready to go inside the oven which I left to preheat a while ago at 160 degree Celsius for 55 minutes.

After the stipulated time, I checked my cake by poking a wooden pick/stick through it and the stick came out clean indicating that the cake was thoroughly baked. It honestly smelled heavenly. Vanessa praised me for my work and she liked the aroma of the cake diffusing into the air of the cafe. After taking it out from oven I allowed it to cool for about 15 minutes at room temperature and then sprinkled some icing sugar on its surface. Then, I took the cake out of the baking form and transferred it onto a tray to be finally placed into the refrigerator overnight.

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