Cooking Expedition-my newly found interest

Being a tomboy I never heeded to my mom’s advice of learning cookery seriously. However, I always extended my helping hand to her whenever she needed then be it in kitchen, cleaning home and shopping, and doing all this has proved to be much useful later in my life. Most of the times I engrossed myself in job, reading, writing, meeting friends and learning new skills like guitar and driving but never brought cooking on my to-do list. But like they say there is always a right time for everything. When I got married recently, I moved into an apartment with my husband in Stockholm. Here people do everything by themselves. From fixing their leaking taps to putting electric cables around the house, they do it all. Let alone, cooking, washing dishes, cleaning home and laundry, the obvious house chores, to be performed by self.

I started cooking by myself from the day one of my shifting. Though my husband extended his support initially (for a week), I managed to cook eatable enough good food :D. To start with I cooked dal, rice, chapati, mix vegetables, and gradually moved on to making gajar-ka-halwa and chocolate cake like stuffs.

To my surprise I was enjoying cooking (minus the mess cleaning part). It is more than an accomplishment for me that I learned cooking (without much guidance) far easily than I thought I could. Out of interest, I started watching cookery videos on YouTube as well as following some good food blogs. And they inspired me to pen down my experiences of cooking various dishes especially for those who are newbies at cooking.

So friends, keep a close eye on my blog for some yummy, easy to cook, novice cooking recipes especially for those who haven’t started cooking yet but want to!! Till then enjoy life!

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