Rice Pudding |Kheer

There are always occasions of celebrations and no celebration is complete without sweets. Rice pudding or kheer is a promising sweet which doubtlessly goes well on any occasion, then be it any festival, birthdays, friends or family get together, nothings beats a yummy nuts rich kheer.

Here is a secret to the world’s best rice pudding or kheer ever made. Read on 🙂

Take about 25 g rice in a bowl and soak them in water. Bear in mind that too much rice can spoil the taste of pudding. Take 1 lt. milk in a pan and keep it to boil.

Once the milk is boiled transfer the soaked rice into it and heat again on a medium flame or intensity. Add a pinch of saffron to it but it is completely optional.

Roughly chop a few almonds, cashew nuts, raisins and pistachio. Crush 2 cloves of cardamom grains. Procure coconut shred of about 10 g only. Add these dry ingredients to the rice pudding and stir well. You will notice instant change in the colour of pudding.

Allow it to cook for half an hour and then add sugar or jaggery to taste.
Stir well and allow it to cook for another half an hour till the pudding turns a bit thicker.

Garnish it with some chopped nuts and saffron on the top.

Delicious rice pudding is ready to be served hot. You can also choose to have it cold and for that allow the rice pudding to cool in refrigerator for at least an hour before consuming.

Do write to me how it went in the comments below. I would love to hear your experience and reply on the same.

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