Brush Your LIFE with a Fine Toothed Comb

Brush life with fine toothed comb

A life lived without a purpose is a life not lived at all.

Get up in the morning. Get ready for the school/office. Finish your job. Return home. Have your dinner. Go to sleep. Start another day in exactly the same.

In this fast paced life we find ourselves doing exactly the same monotonous things everyday. This leaves us feeling discontent and unhappy over a period of time. But how to break this monotony we have built around us so deliberately?

The answer is by giving careful attention to things around and caring for everyone around us including our friends, family, colleagues, bosses, supporters, help, etc. When we give due attention to things around us, we develop a kind heart and feel responsible for happenings in our surroundings. Don’t be in a haste to reach the finishing line, life is not a race. Live life gracefully. Be happy and content.

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