Don’t be Just Alive, Learn to Live

Lamps of Hope
When words no longer help expression
When faith no longer keeps you bound
When you no longer live a life of your own
When you no longer thrive for your passion
This is when you stop living.

I believe learning should never stop
Learning helps define a motto for existing.

Think, there is sunshine at the tunnel’s end
Rise up to see eager helping hands
The world will smile back at you
For every good deed you do.

Be a hope in a destitute’s eyes
Be a lamp of wisdom which never dies
Inspire all with your aura
Gather the courage to stand all odds
Vow today to spread happiness
For there is no bigger greatness

I hope by a small endeavor of mine
The message is conveyed as prime
I strongly wish I never waiver from my path
Encourage one and all till my last breathe.

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