Follow Your Heart and You Follow Nobody


I’d risk the fall
Just to know
how it feels to fly

What is Your Dream? Are You Living Your Dream Yet?
So many of us often come across a situation in our lifetime when we feel deadlocked, have no clue about where to go and how to keep moving.
Why is there so much discontent with the kind of life we are leading? Are we not delaying our success?
Look into your heart for the right answer.
 In this competitive age of rat race, how often do we give ourselves a chance to follow our heart and live up to our aspirations and dreams? The truth is, not much.
 Because we are busy doing conventional things and have got habitual of doing that.

What do the most successful people DO?
They follow their dreams, they do what their heart says. They do what they love to do.
The happiest and most successful people on the planet are those who are doing what they love to do.
My advice-Let what you do is what you LOVE!
 Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary… -Steve Jobs

What if you don’t have a dream?
The first step is to give this stuff some thought.
What are your ‘Hobbies’?
 Hobby is something you like to pursue in your spare time. It could range anything from reading books or any article, writing on your blog or writing poetry, cooking, programming, whatever. If you love working with computers (even a specific type of computer), that’s a clue to your dream job.
 If you love working with clay, or paper, or people, or clothes, that’s a clue. If you like working with a hammer, or a piano, you’re off to a great start in discovering your dream.
 This will tell you that this is what you enjoy the most to the extent that you are willing to do it without PAY. This so called hobby is your potential passion and potential source of living.
 We all are born to fulfill a specific mission and that mission is finding out the true purpose of our living. It is we who have to discover this unique gift of ours and contribute back to the world using that special gift. What are you good at? What talents do you have? What have you shown an aptitude for in your current and previous jobs, in school, in your personal life? Anything goes here.

Learn as much as you can about your dream. Check out some books from the library, do some web surfing, talk to others who are knowledgeable. Become an expert on the topic.

Find others who are living your dream. Read about them, write to them, meet with them. Find out what steps they took to get there, what’s required, how they did it. Then use that information for your roadmap.

While you’re taking your steps to realizing your dream, practice your passion as much as humanly possible. This isn’t an easy step, but it’s worth it.

There will be times when you will have to face debacles, failure, hurdles, obstacles, etc.
There should be tremendous passion attached to your dream.

Do not try to pretend to be interested in other people’s hobbies.
It should be intuitive to you like your own innovation.

Develop a strong character. It is character that communicates most eloquently. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “What you are shouts loudly in my ears that I cannot hear what you say.”

Self-Belief is the Key to Keep Following Dreams
 I am the captain of my ship and master of my fate. If I don’t believe that then no one else will.
 No one will believe you unless you do
 Practice/repetition (which only comes through persistence)
 Self affirmation (telling yourself you can)
 Stop negative self talk and avoid negative thoughts
 Get away from people who tear you down

How to inspire confidence in others…
Catch them when they’re good : Instead of telling someone they’re doing it wrong and how to do it right, find someone close by that’s doing it right and compliment them so the other person can hear it.

 Leadership is not something bigger and beyond us.
 It is just simply about changing the world. Doing something with sincerity and with positive attitude. It is about self confidence, having confidence in your vision that you will make it a reality.
 To advance toward our dreams cheerfully, to courageously work toward achieving them—this is what gives sublime meaning and value to our lives.

Points to Take Back
 If we take a strong stand now and ask ourselves what do I wish to do or what do I want to be then we can definitely cut short the delay in our success.
 Identify your passion. Study yourself first that what do you like the most, what do you enjoy doing the most, then be it listening to music, dancing, singing, drawing, reading, writing, collecting pictures or just talking to others. It doesn’t matter.
 Leverage your best skill to define an identity for yourself. Be known for that. Give your all-out effort in achieving that one passionate GOAL. Find motivation from within to actualize it.
Believe that you are made for a definite purpose, identify it and pursue it. Success is assured!!

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