Loneliness- the Biggest Parasite of this Century! Learn How to Beat It!

There comes a time in our routine when we get bugged by a parasite called Loneliness. Feeling alone does not come merely with isolation but it comes when we start feeling unrelated with our environment. Sometimes when we stop living in present and surround ourselves with the thoughts of some kind of fantasy then we stop participating in the activities around us including that at home, office, school/college, etc. When this happens, we end up feeling lonely.

Below are some of the effective ways to beat loneliness and embrace every moment of life it comes.

  1. Do not isolate yourself. Even though you don’t feel like mingling up with people when you feel lonely, nevertheless, isolating yourself is only going to make the situation worse. Participate in a healthy conversation with your family and friends. You may also go for some group activities such as dance, poetry, music, foodies, etc.
  2. Keep yourself busy. By keeping yourself busy you prevent yourself from lingering on to the thought that you are alone. Which means having no time to think otherwise. Engage yourself in writing, cooking, socializing, crafting, painting, etc
  3. Be good to yourself. In other words give yourself more time. Watch TV, pamper yourself in an extravagant salon or spa, eat out your favourite food, listen to your favourite songs, play games of your choice.
  4. Get educated. Enrolling yourself in any of the courses gets you going all your life. And more than this, you learn an awesome skill every time with every course.
  5. Find someone to reach out to. Have your best pals contact numbers in your speed dial list. Having someone with whom you can anything and everything is the greatest thing in the world. Build on that relationship by reaching out to them whenever you need a company to share your thoughts and feeling. I am sure this will certainly help uplift your mood.

I hope you always follow these points to throw loneliness way and lead an amazing purposeful lives.

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