Not all lost things bother you always. Here’s why?

Well I am not saying this just for the sake of gaining your attention but my statement is backed by a solid evidence from my personal life.

Brooding over a lost thing is human nature then the loss can be of a thing or a life. We love our bags, shoes, books, money, pets, family, friends or any other possession. Loss inevitably leaves behind grief, sorrow, disappointment, negative sentiments. It even has the power to push us into

the pit of hatred and revenge. Sometimes when a loss occurs then life may seem worthless or too difficult to surmount.

The truth is most of the losses in our lives have no impact on our future few years down the line. But we often lack this wisdom at the very time we need it the most.

I remember one incidence from my early days of graduation. One day I was heading for my physics lab and we, students, were supposed to leave our bags on the racks outside the lab. Before leaving my bag outside I took out my experiments diary and mobile quickly and went inside to carry out experiments. Perhaps, either I was running late for the lab or I was busy giggling and sharing jokes with friends that I was careless enough to leave my wallet and a few other valuables let alone a year-round effort of subject notes inside my bag.

After a span of three hours when I came out of the lab I could not find my bag anywhere on the racks. It took me several minutes to come to the realisation that my big backpack was stolen. I was at a loss, a loss which was too much to bear for a teenage girl who worked herself up by attending every single lecture and penning down minutest of details taught in them. Spinning head left me with no energy to think but cry bitterly.

I frantically started hunting for my bag across the corridors, playgrounds, college canteen, in bushes and where not. My friends also helped me in my endeavour. But all in vain. My dear bag was stolen far away from me and never to return back, leaving me with no money to return home. Deeply shattered I reported this unfortunate incident to the college’s principal, who asked me to stay composed and go hunting for the bag the day after.

For several days to come I used to look around the college in a hope to find it lying empty somewhere but could not spot it anywhere. I lost all hopes after sometime. At that point in time I felt my subject notes were worthier than my own life. However, everything got managed in time with the help of my friends and professors.

Standing where I am today, all grown up, when I recall this incident of my bag loss I realize that this episode has no impact on where I am today. Had my bag not been stolen and I had everything that was there inside the bag, my life would have been the same.

This story may seem however simple but the lesson that can be learned from it is profound. Thus, acquiring the wisdom that not all lost things bother us always at the right moments can save us from a lot of agony, remorse, and fear.

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