Suicide is not an end to your sufferings

We often hear in news, through word of mouth and other media that people who succumb to the atrocities of life tend to attempt suicide. Such people in low-life state have a tendency to destroy their self accumulated achievements over years and years in a fraction of second. Some of them even force or kill their close relatives/ family members along with them thinking that their this action is going to help them end their suffering too. Such a foolish perception stems from the lack of wisdom and enlightenment.

We as an individual are complete in every respect. One need not depend on others for attainment of absolute peace and happiness, by doing so you are actually paving way for your fellow beings to look up to you as an exemplary of tranquility and follow you in lure of bring light in their turbulent life.

Often my friends ask why I am not disturbed by negative things happening with if. For example, my friend and I are working on a problem and we are stuck in the middle of it with no progress noticeable whosoever hard we tried. She would feel like giving up but I am always hopeful that we will soon be able to figure out a way to the solution to our problem. Often she is taken off-guard by my positive outlook towards life. One of my other friends says ‘it is not good to be this positive’ and I respond by asking him ‘what should I do instead….suicide?’. I answer is certainly ‘no’.

I always believe we can change our karma. Like I share in one of my earlier blogs ‘Lessening of Karmic Retribution’, we can act upon our problems by taking corrective actions. Nichiren Daishonin quotes ‘Suffer whats there to suffer, enjoy whats there to enjoy’. He only meant we can’t escape our karma but can definitely lessen the effect of by transforming heavy karma and receiving it lightly.

I suggest that one can’t achieve by being bogged down by the hindrances he/she faces in lifetime, but can attain highest goals by being positive and showing the same path to others.

Have a Happy Reading!! 🙂

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