Words of Wisdom-4 |Happiness Means Giving

Life is a bumpy ride

We often think that the more we get, the more accomplished and happy we become.

Is it? Has anyone ever become happy like that?

I don’t think so. The more the desire to get, the more dissatisfied we become. Isn’t it?

Then, the question arises, what is the route to happiness, satisfaction, contentment?

The answer to this question is, doing reverse of what we think. Because, happiness multiplies by giving. The more compassionate and thankful we are to others, the more content and happy we are in our lives. Once we understand this mantra and align our actions in accord, happiness no longer seems to be an effort consuming task. Happiness becomes our natural state of being. It becomes spontaneous. In fact, by giving, forgiving, helping and being grateful we become trailblazers of peace and happiness making happiness contagious far and wide.

Happy Giving!

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