Drip Marketing vs. Lead Nurturing

Drip marketing is an automated marketing process with focus on sending a set of messages to its potential buyers or leads at the right point in time and in right length in order to move them through the cycle of sales. Drip marketing aims at being in touch with the potential leads by bringing lead-specific relevant information consistently over a time interval based on behaviour of leads on your website or on any of your marketing activities.

On the other hand ‘Lead Nurturing’, as the name says, is an automated marketing technique of nurturing the leads. Here the leads we are talking about are the leads acquired through ‘drip marketing’. It would be wise to understand that Drip Marketing and Lead Nurturing are two phases of any sales activity. Lead nurturing involves consistent communication with the leads right from the very first interaction with them till the purchase is made. Lead Nurturing is all about forging and maintaining a qualified customer service experience so that a customer making purchase one time becomes a customer for life-time.

The bottomline is that Drip Marketing should not be confused with Lead Nurturing. Once the difference between these two marketing strategies is understood clearly, more targeted actions can be taken in each direction consequently increasing the number of buyers at a highly consistent rate.

With this much understand of the two let us deal with them one by one to gain better an insight into the subject.

Drip Marketing

Drip marketing comes into picture when potential buyers engage in simple activities of their interest for instance visiting your website and/or signing up for an account on your site. Drip marketing allows you to trigger bulk messages or emails along with personalized addressing of the leads by their names and organisations. All this communication happens depending on the lead engagement, their behaviour or responses.

Drip Marketing can be understood better with the infographic drawn below

drip marketing

Image credits: http://www.pardot.com

To learn more about Drip Marketing you may refer to this link  


Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing allows marketers to communicate with the potential buyers cross-channels and throughout the purchase cycle. No company can build customers overnight as today’s buyers want to self-educate, build trust on the company and make well informed decisions. Lead Nurturing helps marketers build that trust and interest which their potential buyers are looking for.

Lead Nurturing is all about building healthy and personalised relationship with the buyers by understanding their interests, likes and dislikes, their expectations and needs. Doing all this for each and every lead is not as difficult as it sounds. Fortunately all this is easily possible today with automated marketing strategies like Lead Nurturing.

An example of Lead Nurturing can quoted as the emails with curated deals and offers devices specifically for a particular lead based on his/her actions on your website. Also triggering emails or messages as reminders for products lying in their cart or informing them of a product availability which was earlier out-of-stock.

Thus a successful Lead Nurturing campaign is one which consistently delivers personalised valuable content to its buyers and help convert them into a long-term customer.

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