Jarawas- the disrespected & unsafe tribal ‘Humans’

We have heard as well as been to wildlife safaris in India and abroad. Jim Corbett National Park for tigers, Kanha National Park for tigers, panthers, bears and elephants, Kaziranga National Park for one horned rhinoceros and Gir National Park for lions are famous national parks for wildlife safari.

But have we ever heard of ‘human safari‘? Shocked? So I am. It is horrifying even to imagine that a human specie is put on display for other humans to see and enjoy. One such human safari happens in Andaman Islands where dwells the Jarawa tribe for up to 55,000 years. Hundreds of tourists travel Andaman Trunk Road everyday to reach Jarawas. These tourists, poachers and locals visiting there treat them as no more than animals in a safari park. They have posed a serious threat to Jarawas. They indulge in horrendous acts of sexual abuse, serious drug abuse, poaching and  encroachment of tribal land. Outbreak of diseases like measles are soaring high in these tribes after coming in contact with outsiders.

Unwanted and uncontrolled influence from outside is causing major survival threat to this Great Andamanese people. These inhabitants of Andaman are as much humans as we all are, and they have as much feelings of pain, hunger, anger, as we have. Like any other human being living on mainlands, Jarawas deserve equal right to choose their happiness. They are self-sufficient and are well aware of ways of living through forest.

In light of the above reasons the highest Judiciary body of the country, Supreme Court, issued an order in 2002 to shut down highway through these tribes. However, till date people continue to come in to enjoy these human safaris at the cost of safety and dignity of these Jarawa people. In my opinion, the decision to join mainstream civilization or not should be left entirely to them. If and ever they feel the need to expand their territory of residence or mingle with other civilians it should be their choice.

Sachin Garg, the bestselling Indian author, gives out more detail on Jarawas spun in the form of an inspiring story in his upcoming novel  ‘We need a Revolution’. Watch out his video on YouTube, an attempt to create awareness about these fellow humans 

His novel is available for purchase here: http://www.amazon.in/We-Need-Revolution-Sachin-Garg/dp/9381841861/

To stop human safaris conatct Survial International by clicking here: http://www.survivalinternational.org/tribes/jarawa

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