I stepped on the land of Sweden first on 21st December, 2014. It was past 8pm and I was with my husband, his parents and brother in their family car going towards their home from Stockholm to Ludvika. It was stark dark silent night and our car was almost gliding on the road, making close to no noise. Soon I spotted in the shallow brightness of the headlights white snowflakes falling. Ahh! I was witnessing snowfall for the first time in my life. I had witnessed loads of snow in Manali, India but not the snowfall. The slow motion of extremely light-weight snowflakes falling on the grounds fascinated me. My first instinct was to feel them on my hands but I guess that time had not yet come.

Anyway, this was just a beginning of my life in Sweden so many more snowfalls awaited me including those heavy wet snowfalls which I came to despise.

During winters Sweden is heavily laden with snow so much that the whole country is painted in white colour. No piece of land visible as it is covered with snow. All the plants and trees sleep under the thick blanket of snow. Living here was my first experience of knowing what it feels to be breathing at -12 degree Celsius. The sun rose after 10am and in a rush to go down it set at around 2pm in the noon. The silence through the days can get over you and you might end up feeling low. But the adage that ‘winter always turn into spring’ gives one hope to live on hopefully and cheerfully.

Summers in Sweden is a sight in itself. Everything around looks so fresh and green as if woken up from a long deep slumber. From greetings sunny mornings to cool breezy evenings, everything appears so special, pleasant and welcoming. The maximum temperature rises up to 30 degrees Celsius in Stockholm, the capital of the country. People just come out of their houses and love to spend as much time they can in daylight outside. Parents bring along their kids as it is their summer holidays and have lots of fun around beaches, lakes, open green patches, palaces and museums. Food is also awesome in Sweden. Swedish food never disappoints anyone. There is so much to pick from, ranging from burgers to variety of pizzas, wraps to sandwiches, crisp breads, etc. And if you have a sweet tooth then this is the place to be in. Swedish chocolates, pancakes, prinsesstårta- a royal sweet indulgence, kanelbulle (cinnamon bun), semla (cream and almond bun), etc make Sweden dream destination for every sweets lover.

Swedish is the native language of the people of Sweden. Although over 50% of the population of Sweden is non-Swed, however, it’s a culture here to speak in Swedish only. Most people are well-acquainted with English language so conversing is not much of a problem here. But one may need assistance while shopping things for self as every product description or information is strictly in Swedish.

Sweden stands 6th on the world’s peaceful country so it is definitely a good place to reside. Generally, people here are kind-hearted and helpful, however, they also observe individualism, hence you’ll have to extend a hand of friendship first if want to befriend someone. So see you all whenever you plan to visit Sweden.

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